Czk 16.000.000,-
For Sale. A castle located in a village 40 km from Brno !!!

Founded in the middle of the 16th century; four-wing building wit a closed courtyard and Rennaissance arcades.
The entire building is in a very good technical and static condition; no dampness. Partly reconstructed during the last couple of years ; the walls dehumidified through aerating vents and special plaster ; new roof tiles ; 45 % of the facade new ; new fencing; new park arrangement ; new granit paving of the driveway.
The entire building is a protected sight of historical interest.
20 rooms in total.
Winecellars = 300 sq.m.
Built-up area = cca. 5 000 sq.m.
The park = cca. 5 000 sq.m.

PRICE = 16 000 000 CZK ( + commission 5% )

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Type object = Castle
Objectnummer: cz-6102
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