Zuid Moravië
Czk 15.000.000,-
For Sale. A Baroque castle in South Moravia near the Austrian border.

The castle, formerly used as a noble residence, is an architecturally valuable building, whose four wings are framing the courtyard. The main frontage is highlighted by a balcony with the scuptures of Diana and Pallas Athena. The sculptural decorations of the main staircase were supposedly made by Ignac Weirich.
About 80 % of the  original stuccoed decorations and interior wooden doors with profile panelling have been preserved, but they require restoration.
The castle has the cellarage ; the entire building is statically in good  condition ; the reconstruction already started: dehumidification and preservation of walls, new electrical cabling, canalisation, gas connection, roof frame recovery, reconstruction of the balustrade of stone fencing the garden.
Nearby golf course.
Every floor is suitable for 16 rooms and 4 apartments.
Built-up area = 1614 sq.m.
Garden = 9900 sq.m.
The other buildings belonging to the castle precinct :
Former stable (built-up area = 561 sq.m.)
Former equipage house ( built-up area = 299 sq.m.)
Former brewery (buil-up area = 565 sq.m.)
The asking price (negotiable) = 15 000 000 CZK (not including the commission).
The entire building is a protected sight of historical interest.
The owner is going to sell the castle for the best possible price to a client proving financial sources sufficient for the reconstruction (estimated costs = 110 000 000 CZK ).

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Objectnummer: cz-6099
Zuid Moravië
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